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Stamp rolls

English Name:Stamp rolls

Product Category:Disposable Papers—>Toilet Tissue

Product Description

Printed toilet rolls

Material: 100% virgin pulp
18 grams per square, 19 grams per square
Dimensions: 10 * 10 cm, the size can be customized
Roll length: 20 m (200), 25 m (250), 30 m (300), 40 m (400), the length can be customized.
Color :1-6 colors
Floor :2-3 layer
Pattern: the company provides regular pattern welcome customers design pattern.

For advertising, party, birthday party, holiday, gifts.

Single-volume plastic packaging, single-volume PVC packaging, custom packaging customer requirements.

Dry place

Our main products printing rolls, printed kitchen paper, printing paper napkin, we welcome plans to customize.
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