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Printed napkins

English Name:Printed napkins

Product Category:Disposable Papers—>Napkin

Product Description

Dinner paper towels

Material: puree
Specifications: a quarter fold, eighth fold sixteenth fold, etc.
Size: 25 * 25cm, 33 * 33cm, 40 * 40cm
Printing :1-6 color printing
Layers: single, two, three, can provide
Weight :14-25 g paper
Of embossed: The edge embossing or embossed
Ink: food grade
Customized according to customer specific requirements.
For restaurant drinks, dinner napkins, available for everyday use and parties

20, 50 or 100 a bag, a box of 20 bags or 48-pack cartons, packaging according to customer requirements
Minimum order quantity: single paragraph design MOQ 10,000.

Dry environment storage

Provides customized, please call or advisory letter.
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